We supply our own range of high quality, stainless steel products with a wide range of standard sizes and ratings in stock. We can provide units with a flat or sloping top and different gland options. If we don't have a product that suits you in stock, we will manufacture it for you.

Please call us or email us for details and our latest price lists.

Isolators Control Stations


Stainless Steel Isolators

The Stephenson’s stainless steel isolator units are a well-established product and are in widespread use throughout the United Kingdom.

The stainless steel enclosures, available with either flat or sloping tops, make these isolators ideal for use in harsh environments or areas where stringent hygiene regulations are in operation. Standard units have either three or six poles and up to eight auxiliary contacts. Ratings range from 25 amps to 315 amps. Higher current ratings, additional poles  and neutral terminals are available on request.

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Stephenson Control Systems manufacture a range of stainless steel enclosures, offered in a large number of size options. Available in both flat and sloping top options, these enclosures are hygienic, robust and come with a very high degree of environmental protection.

Stainless Steel Socket Outlets

Stephenson Control Systems manufacture a comprehensive range of stainless steel socket outlets with environmental protection to IP65. Standard units are available as 110Vac; 240Vac and 415Vac with optional isolator, MCB or RCD protection. Socket outlets with monitored earth are also available.

Control and Indicator Stations

Stephenson Control Systems manufacture high quality stainless steel pushbutton and indicator stations. The stainless steel enclosure, with their front shrouds and crevice free design, are available with both flat and sloping tops and constitute a very practical range of units.

Local Motor Starters

Stephenson Control Systems Limited has over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of custom made local motor starter units. The company offers a comprehensive range of starters in stainless steel, mild steel and polycarbonate enclosures.

The robust nature and high integrity of these units make them ideal for use in demanding environments.

Many of the units we manufacture are to customers bespoke requirements, and our qualified design engineers are always available to discuss specific requirements.